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The Appraisal Process
Daventry Appraisals abides by a strict code of ethics as established by the Appraisal Standards Board and the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice to provide a fair and unbiased opinion. Daventry Agricultural & Livestock Appraisals are considered "Certified" for legal purposes in Canada and Internationally.

In making an appraisal, most often a comparable market analysis is used. Comparison of the subject livestock or agricultural equipment is done with other similar livestock or agricultural equipment that have sold in the recent past. From these values of recent sales, a composite figure is calculated representing the current, or fair market value of the subject equine. This value is time sensitive due to economics and trends in the horse industry.

The End Result
The client is provided with a complete, professional report which contains a full written description, including photo(s) and other supporting market data to back up the conclusions and valuation.

Restricted Appraisal $450
Used when an owner needs to know the net value for insurance or resale (subject to additional mileage fees, if applicable). Also used for determining value of frozen semen. Add $100 for valuing Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) breeding doses due to to the additional work involved.

Insurance Appraisal $500
Used for insurance purposes to accurately estimate the value (subject to additional mileage fees, if applicable). Can become a key component during an insurance claim. Discounts for multiple livestock or equipment.

Hypothetical Appraisal $500
In the case of deceased or lost livestock or agricultural equipment, this appraisal assumes facts that would ordinarily be obtained through a physical inspection. Usually for federal agencies, police reports, or insurance claims. Discounts for multiple livestock or equipment.

Retrospective Appraisal $650
Involves researching past markets to determine the value at some specific time in the past. Usually for the IRS or to justify other previously reported values. Discounts for multiple livestock or equipment.

Appraisal Report $650
A full appraisal report includes extensive research and background. A comparable analysis is used to determine the fair market value. These reports are bound and admissible in a court of law and include full color photos. Frequently used for litigation, loans or bankruptcy, divorce, tax donations & audits, and estate settlement. Subject to additional mileage fees, if applicable. Discounts for multiple livestock or equipment.

Complex Appraisals involving multiple livestock, equipment or litigation...contact us directly for a quote.

Appraisal requiring a rush job (less than 10 days)...add an additional $150.

Expert witness court testimony or deposition $500/day
Travel, hotel expenses, etc. must also be covered and are in addition to our expert witness fee.

Trial, hearing or deposition preparation $50/hour

A few of the other services we offer: $300 & up

  • Review of opposing valuations and appraisals
  • Research related to case
  • Deposition review
  • Preparation of rebuttal questions
  • Explanation to counsel on case merits or lack thereof
  • Verbal or written expert opinions
  • Pre-trial investigation
  • Evidence research
  • Accident reconstruction
  • Equine private investigation

Payment in full is required to begin an appraisal. Appraisals requiring a rush job (less than 10 days) or appraisals involving litigation, divorce or bankruptcy must be paid up-front and in full via cash, check, eTransfer, money wire transfers or retainer through an attorney. Normal time required for an appraisal is 10-14 days from receipt of pertinent information and payment.

GST to be added on top of all listed prices for Canadian residents.
Discounts available for multiple horses.

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