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Expert Witness Testimony, Litigation Consulting and Testifying
Available Nationally and Internationally on behalf of Defense or Plaintiff
We have been hired for ligitation involving boarding disputes to negligent homicide

Services available:

  • Review of opposing valuations and appraisals
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Equine expert consulting
  • Equine rebuttal witness
  • Preparation of rebuttal questions
  • Testifying at depositions and trial
  • Review of cases from retaining counsel
  • Provide either verbal or written expert opinions
  • Review of testimony and exhibits from witness depositions
  • Explanation to counsel on case merits or lack thereof
  • Pre-trial investigation
  • Evidence research
  • Accident reconstruction

Daventry Agricultural & Livestock Appraisal Services has traveled all over the United States and Canada doing equine, agricultural and livestock appraisals, and have also appraised some of the top jumper and dressage horses in Europe. We have been hired as an appraiser and consultant on many court cases, is qualified as an "Expert" in Court proceedings, worked closely with several of the major insurance companies in both the U.S. and Canada on death-claim reimbursements, completed appraisals for multi-million dollar estate and insurance settlements, tax audits, and have even done a large appraisal involving over 100 horses for a non-profit organization in the United States. Daventry appraisals are known for their thoroughness and attention to detail. We have over 3,900 hours of agricultural and livestock appraisal experience, and to date, helping our clients win over $1.8 million dollars in dispute cases and settlements. Combined with our background and credentials in the horse industry, Daventry appraisals and expertise provides a valuable asset in the courtroom!

Daventry Agricultural & Livestock Appraisal Services provides expert advice and consultation for use by insurance agencies, attorneys, judges and juries during legal procedures - from discovery through settlement or trial. Expert knowledge of standards of the industry includes, but is not limited to;

  • Livestock behavior
  • Safety procedures
  • Industry rules and regulation
  • Stable management for show, rental, lesson, and boarding stables
  • Accident analysis and reconstruction
  • Degrees of negligence and its prevention
  • Appropriateness of specific horses and equipment
  • All levels of riding, training and instruction
  • Buying and selling standards
  • Accident prevention
  • Breeding management
  • Show safety and procedures

Read more about Tracy's equine experience with various breeds HERE.

Sample Litigation Experience:

  • Foley v. Geisbrecht / Alberta
  • Ellis v. Hydro One Networks, Inc. / Ontario
  • Johnson & Specht v. Longman Miniatures / Iowa
  • Green v. Bjugan / Oregon
  • Kultgen v. Bartlett / Texas
  • Scheele v. Fair / Wyoming
  • Shaw v. Goring / Alberta
  • Armstrong v. Armstrong / Superior Court of Justice Trial Testimony / Ontario
  • Rennie v. Whaling / Alberta
  • Zions First National Bank v. Wood Expressions, et. al. / Arizona
  • Driesenga v. The Friesian Connection / Michigan
  • Kordecki v. Nolan / Wisconsin
  • Halbren v. Kendall / California
  • Cooper v. Aransevia / Alberta
  • Collum v. Collum / Argued during Dispute Resolution / British Columbia
  • Zukiwski v. Hanson / Alberta

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